RockDaisy’s 2019 Year-End Review

2019 was a banner year for data analysis and visualization platform RockDaisy. In addition to becoming the most widely-used data platform in the NFL, the pioneering startup expanded into the NCAA market.

RockDaisy’s growth is occurring both horizontally and vertically, as the company expands into new markets and enhances its presence in existing ones. The company is also growing internally, adding an experienced sports scientist to its board of advisors.

Key highlights from 2019 include:

  • The addition of four NFL teams to RockDaisy’s client roster. RockDaisy is now used by a quarter of the NFL teams for data analytics and athlete performance
  • RockDaisy’s expansion into the NCAA market by signing the company’s first university client.
  • The integration of an Athlete Management System (AMS) into the broader RockDaisy sports platform.
  • Pursuant to the AMS integration, the addition of former New York Rangers Sports Scientist and Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, Adam Virgile, as an advisor. Adam’s focus will be on further developing the company’s AMS system.
  • Preparation for an initial round of funding, which will commence in early 2020.

RockDaisy is revolutionizing the data analysis and visualization experience by delivering a platform that is both sleek and intuitive. In addition to advanced functionality like video integration and real-time, interactive reporting, RockDaisy provides many features that aren’t available in other reporting platforms, such as the ability to create data collection forms, and the opportunity to utilize advanced components which seamlessly embed RockDaisy into existing apps.

RockDaisy places the power of data analysis at your fingertips.

RockDaisy experienced record growth in 2019, and the company is looking forward to eclipsing that record in 2020. To learn more about the RockDaisy platform, visit our website or contact us for a free trial or demo.

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